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“The food was gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat” 


John D.

"Dinner was just delicious, the atmosphere beautiful, the service terrific!“ 


Alana T.

“I'm telling you, if you want authentic French, this is the place to go, really!  The pate, exquisite.   The sauces all from scratch.  I've been to Paris many times, and it rivals the best bistros and restaurants there.” 


Joseph F.

"Really surprised because this place is a gem"


Samantha T.

“All of the food that was supposed to be hot was hot, tasted great, and had sauces that were very flavorful.  So good that I used the bread to make sure none of the sauce was left behind.” 


Peter G.

“South Orange County's best kept secret. Byron Gemmel, formally of La Cuisine fame, continues to perform his culinary magic to his discerning
Clients. ”  


Jeffrey V.

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